It's never too late.

“By golly she has taught me how to play…and I’m loving every minute of it.”

I have always wanted to play piano but life just got in the way. I had a dear friend that was the piano teacher to the stars in Hollywood, she encouraged me to let the love of music come out through my fingers. She started me on my path. I recently moved from Los Angeles to Sydney and knew I would never find another Margie Balter.

I took a few classes locally and again, life got in the way of pursuing my passion. Until that magical day. I met Zuzana. We were at a piano social event, I told her my story as well as I told her that I guess I’m now too old to pursue my love of piano. With her infectious smile, she says “Age is no barrier”. “Did you know that it is believed to help counter the onset of dementia?” Needless to say she had me with her first “hello.”

I started studying with Zuzana about eight months ago. And by golly, she has taught me how to play. I am loving every minute of it and once again piano music permeates in my house. She brings the best out of me. I try to take shortcuts to playing but until I have perfected a song, she does not let me move on. Zuzana has an innate gift of bringing the best out of my ability. I love her dedication and discipline…because of her I am equally dedicated to practicing and disciplined in learning. She doesn’t let me get away with any of my bad habits. I love studying with her on a personal level and a professional one.

Terry Hosking, student  (Elizabeth Bay, NSW)

“Zuzana is great for us more mature types, incredibly supportive…I’ve learnt a lot.”

As a retired 67 year old male, I thought I’d try my hand at something musical for a change. Try to develop the other side of my brain, and do something a bit more artistic and creative. A far cry from the work, business, sport and exercise that has consumed my life so far.

A few months ago, and as a total beginner, I had my first piano lesson with Zuzana.  Zuzana is a great teacher and very personable, especially needed for us more mature types.
She has a great sense of humour and fun, and is incredibly supportive, as I muddle through the notes. I’ve learnt a lot in the short time with her.

I highly recommend Zuzana for someone who is looking for an encouraging, and non judgemental teacher, who will support you, as you simply “give it a go”.

Harvey Green, student (Bronte, NSW)