What others have said...

“I’ve always found that one’s success is determined by enthusiasm. A teacher can make or break that drive. From my first lesson with Zuzana, I was impressed by her ability to impart knowledge and by her seemingly instinctive awareness of where I was musically. She has kept me motivated to continue and to practise often. With Zuzana, I have felt my piano-playing absolutely surge.”   Olga Axelrod, student

“Having had my share of doubts in ever finding the right piano teacher, I’m very glad to have Zuzana as my mentor. She is professional and precise in her critique, and gives excellent tips on how to most efficiently build and develop technique. Our lessons are filled with fun, interesting and contemplative exploration of style and viva voce. I now have much more confidence in performance and interpretation, and am currently preparing for AMEB  AMusA examination, thanks to Zuzana.” Ida Lee, student

“Zuzana is an inspirational teacher. I have taken up the piano again after playing when I was younger. She has a great eye for detail and her instruction and sensitive insight is adding a whole new level to my piano playing. Zuzana is the perfect teacher for adults looking to harness their enthusiasm for playing and take their skills and enjoyment to the next level.” Calum Scott,  student

“Zuzana is an amazing teacher, mentor and a very gifted pianist. Not only is she highly skilled in her craft, she’s also very intuitive and flexible, tuned to her students’ needs, ability and personality. Zuzana is very inspiring, warm, caring and genuine, and she makes everything seem possible!”  Sasha Pozniak, student

“After 40 years, I’ve started piano lessons as a 50-something. I was pretty nervous about it but luckily I found my way to Zuzana. In just a couple of months, I’ve come leaps and bounds, felt more confident and developed significantly in technique and sight reading. Without throwing me in the deep end, she challenges me but doesn’t let me feel like I’m out of my depth. I always feel like I’ve achieved something and last year I was awarded A in my AMEB Piano for Leisure Grade 8 exam.” Steven Godbee, student

“Learning piano is so good for my mind and co-ordination, focusing my concentration, making me think laterally and enabling me to try something wonderful and totally unexpected. The joy of realising you can play a piece through without making too many mistakes is quite profound. My grandchildren are fascinated by my enthusiasm, and are extremely encouraging. “ Sue Dominquez, student

“I have been learning piano with Zuzana since 2005. During this time we have explored a vast array of music together, and she has improved my playing with her eye for detail and her innate musicality. She is thoroughly reliable and punctual; it has been a very satisfying experience on every level.”  Kate Magarey, student

“Zuzana has been teaching my family for more than six years. In this time she has been invaluable to the progress of both my sons aged eighteen and fifheen as well as my husband. One of my sons has special needs and she is excellent in her teaching methodology with him. Zuzana sets realistic goals for each student based on their individual learning abilities and age taking great care to incorporate the student’s interests and personalities. It is very satisfying to observe Zuzana teaching. Her ability to tune into her students make them feel comfortable and allow them to have fun whilst fully enjoying their achievements.”  Lynn Moodie, parent