The joy of learning piano at a certain age.

You may be surprised to know that age is no barrier to learning for the first time - or learning again. And there are benefits...

Musical enjoyment is one of the few things that doesn’t diminish with time and learning at a mature age has some real positives:

  • Individual enjoyment – pure and simple
  • A sense of achievement and reward
  • Memory aid – believed to help counter the onset of forms of dementia
  • Brain exercise – boosts brain functionality
  • Physical well-being – improving hand-eye coordination, strengthening the immune system

Zuzana: “I welcome adult students of any age and skill level.  My goal is to make learning a warm and rewarding experience and I have been achieving great results, especially considering that starting lessons at a mature age can be more challenging cognitively and physically. It makes the results even more enjoyable.”

A recommendation from one of her students: “Learning piano is so good for my mind and co-ordination, focusing my concentration, making me think laterally and enabling me to try something wonderful and totally unexpected. The joy of realising you can play a piece through without making too many mistakes is quite profound. My grandchildren are fascinated by my enthusiasm, and are extremely encouraging. “ Sue D., Darling Point

Zuzana recommends one or two lessons a week, at your home,  Piano Promise studio or on-line.

If you’d like to know more she’s just a call away on 0404 229 129.