Teacher Assistance

A little help for those who want to accelerate their private teaching career.

Zuzana offers unique and proved skills to other musicians involved in music teaching industry. Her experience includes starting as a solo teacher  and building  it into one of the most successful music tuition businesses in Sydney.

Zuzana sold Eastern Suburbs Piano Tuition in 2013 and now has established Piano Promise with the aim of providing her expertise in the areas of teaching, marketing and business building. 

Zuzana is happy to work as a mentor in the following areas:

  • Transitioning from music graduate to teacher
  • Extending your potential and building new links
  • Branding your music studio
  • Organising concerts/showcases/workshops/presentations 
  • Developing new teaching method or creating a teaching team. 

How to get started…

This is a simple as a call or email to Zuzana. There’s not obligation, and she’s happy to hear your needs, happy to tell you if she can assist. 

Piano Promise. Promising future in music. 

Zuzana has coached and mentored me to transform my music business.  She offered me extremely valuable guidance and support on all areas of my piano teaching and accompanying business including marketing, communicating with students and parents, concerts, exams and fee structure.  With her advice I was able to reposition my fee structure to a level that recognises my expertise and experience as a piano teacher and accompanist.  Working with Zuzana was easy and enjoyable. She has set me on the right path with my business and continues to inspire me professionally. ”    Julia Taranto (Willoughby, NSW)