My advice on...

Learning as an adult

What I’ve learnt about learning effectively…

  • Realistic assessment. Before you look for a teacher, review your work, study or family commitment. Preparation between lessons is essential to learning. If you are already too busy, after a few lessons you will find yourself struggling with making progress.
  • Good instrument. If you have an acoustic piano, make sure it’s tuned, at least once a year. If your space is limited, get a digital piano but make sure it has weighted keys.
  • Rent a piano. If you are not sure whether learning can fit into your life style, rent a piano first. After six months you will be able to assess if you want to continue.
  • Expectations. Successful results are dependant on your commitment to lessons, preparation between lessons, learning ability and musical skills. The first rewards from learning come usually after six months.

“Learning the piano should be taken with seriousness and compassion yet with a sense of humour and a healthy self-criticism. A sense of commitment, persistence and discipline are three key words to gain great results and reward from learning”. 

~ Zuzana L.