What others have said...

“Zuzana introduced my twins to piano by selecting a great teacher and very convenient venue. Zuzana kept in touch with me and the twins’ teacher to monitor the progress and made recommendations regarding the teaching program. I couldn’t be happier with the support I received from Zuzana.” 

Orhan Ozguner, parent  (London, UK)

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Zuzana Lenartova for over ten years. She has referred hundreds of students to me, and has been, at all times, a constant support, and guide in my piano tuition. She is a highly regarded pianist and teacher herself, and has a natural gift for communicating complex information clearly and efficiently. She is wonderful with students, tutors, and parents. She understands what outcomes the students want, and is able to tailor the right student to the right teacher perfectly. She is unfailingly kind, honest, and tenacious. She has a warm and welcoming persona, and is loved and admired by her many colleagues, students, and their parents.”

Nicholas Fowler, teacher (Maroubra, NSW)

“Zuzana has been teaching my family for almost two years. In this time she has been invaluable to the progress of both my children aged eleven and eight as well as my husband. One of my children has special needs and she is excellent in her teaching methodology with him. Zuzana sets realistic goals for each student based on their individual learning abilities and age taking great care to incorporate the student’s interests and personalities. I believe that due to this she has successfully managed to keep my children’s motivation and confidence high. Zuzana has demonstrated excellent communication skills when it comes to children and parents. It is very satisfying to observe Zuzana teaching. Her ability to tune into the boys needs during their individual lessons make them feel comfortable and allow them to have fun whilst fully enjoying their achievements.”

Lynn Moodie, parent (Double Bay, NSW)

“I have been teaching the piano for over twenty years and have been working with Zuzana Lenartova for close to ten. She has increased my business easily threefold but the most agreeable thing about dealing with Zuzana is that her experience means that she completely understands whether it be parents, teaching methods, any student, any situation. I don’t need to finish my sentence and Zuzana knows exactly what I’m talking about. The students I have from her have been well matched and for the most part are still with me. In terms of successful piano teaching meeting Zuzana has for me been invaluable.”

Nicole Payten, teacher (Bondi, NSW)

“I have been learning piano with Zuzana since 2005.  During this time we have explored a vast array of music together, and she has improved my playing with her eye for detail and her innate musicality. She is thoroughly reliable and punctual; it has been a very satisfying experience on every level.”

Kate Magarey, student (Rose Bay, NSW)

“I have been working with Zuzana Lenartova, while she was the owner and director of Eastern Suburbs Piano Tuition for 7 years. Zuzana has developed a perception for music education through her extensive career as teacher and school director. Her instinct for family/student dynamics is acute and facilitates a flourishing contribution to the community.” 

Jenevieve London,  teacher (Melbourne, VIC)

“As a piano teacher it is so important to be matched with the right student. Zuzana always strived to match me with the perfect student for my personality and teaching style. Zuzana is also a great pianist and teacher which makes her advice and mentorship so valuable. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance.”

Brendan O’Mahony, teacher (Bondi, NSW)